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Atomic[ edit ] Chromium is the fourth transition metal found on the periodic table, and has an electron configuration of [ Ar ] 3d5 4s1.

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It is also the first element in the periodic table whose ground-state electron configuration violates the Aufbau principle. This testzsírvesztés az életkor előrehaladtával again later in the periodic table with other elements and their electron configurations, such as copperniobiumand molybdenum.

testzsírvesztés az életkor előrehaladtával

In the previous elements, the energetic cost b12 súlycsökkentő injekciók promoting an electron to the next higher energy level is too great to compensate for that released by lessening inter-electronic repulsion. However, in the 3d transition metals, the energy gap between the 3d and the next-higher 4s subshell is very small, and because the 3d subshell is more compact than the 4s subshell, inter-electron repulsion is smaller between 4s electrons than between testzsírvesztés az életkor előrehaladtával electrons.

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This lowers the energetic cost of promotion and increases the energy released by it, so that the promotion becomes energetically feasible and one or even two electrons are always promoted to the 4s subshell. Similar promotions happen for every transition metal atom but one, palladium. Its Mohs hardness is 8.

testzsírvesztés az életkor előrehaladtával

Chromium is highly resistant to tarnishingwhich makes it useful as a metal that preserves its outermost layer from corrodingunlike other metals such as coppermagnesiumand aluminium. Chromium has a melting point of  °C  °Fwhich is relatively low compared to the majority of transition metals.

However, it still has the second highest melting point out of all the Period 4 elements, being topped by vanadium by 3 °C 5 °F at  °C  °F. The boiling point of  °C  °Fhowever, is comparatively lower, having the third lowest boiling point out of the Period 4 transition metals alone behind manganese and zinc.

Chromium has a high specular reflection in comparison to other transition metals.

Információ a vastagbélpolipokról

Above 38 °C, its magnetic ordering changes to paramagnetic. This is due to the fact that the magnetic moments at the cube's corners and the cube centers are not equal, but are still antiparallel.

testzsírvesztés az életkor előrehaladtával

This layer has a spinel structure, only a few atomic layers thick. It is very dense and inhibits the diffusion of oxygen into the underlying metal.

In contrast, iron forms a more porous oxide through which oxygen can migrate, causing continued rusting. Passivated chromium is stable against acids.

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Passivation can be removed with a strong reducing agent that destroys the protective oxide layer on the metal. Chromium metal treated in this way readily dissolves in weak acids. However, it does suffer from nitrogen embrittlementreacting with nitrogen from air and forming brittle nitrides at the high temperatures necessary to work the metal parts.

All of the remaining radioactive isotopes have half-lives that are less than 24 hours and the majority less than 1 minute. Chromium also has two metastable nuclear isomers.

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This circumstance is useful in isotope geology. Manganese-chromium isotope ratios reinforce the evidence from 26 Al and Pd concerning the early history of the Solar System. Hence 53Cr provides additional evidence for nucleosynthetic processes immediately before coalescence of the Solar System. The primary decay mode before the most abundant stable isotope, 52Cr, is electron capture and the primary mode after is beta decay.

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